Legislation: National Forest Act No. 84 of 1998

National Forest Act
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National Forest Act
No. 84 of 1998

Natural forests and woodlands form an important part of the environment and need to be conserved and developed according to the principles of sustainable management. Plantation forests play an important role in the economy. They also have an impact on the environment and need to be managed appropriately. Invaders like Eucalyptus or Pinus species encroaching the riparian vegetation from forest plantation must be eradicated since they have impact on indigenous flora and river flows.

Chapter 1: Introductory Provisions

The purpose of this Act are to - (Section 1)

        promote the sustainable management and development of forests for the benefit of all;
        create the conditions necessary to restructure forestry in Sate forests;
        provide special measures for the protection of certain forests and trees;
        promote the sustainable use of forests for environmental, economic, educational, recreational, cultural, healthand spiritual purposes;
        promote community forestry;
        promote greater participation in all aspects of forestry and the forest products industry by persons disadvantaged by unfair discrimination.

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Chapter 2: Sustainable Forest Management (Sections 3-6)

Management principles used to guide decisions affecting forests (Section 3) must be considered and applied in a balanced way. This includes the development and management of forests in order to conserve biological diversity, ecosystems and habitats and natural resources, especially soil and water.

Chapter 3: Special Measures To Protect Forests And Trees (Sections 7-18)

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Chapter 4: Use Of Forests

Activities such as moving of water, electricity, gas, fuel, hunting and fishing in States forests (Section 23) must be licensed.

Chapter 5: Institutions (Sections 33-45)

Chapter 6: Administration Of Act (Sections 46-57)

Chapter 7: Offences And Penalties (Sections 58-64)

Chapter 8: Enforcement (Sections 65-69)

Chapter 9: General And Transitional Provisions (Sections 70-79)

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