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Ecological Risk Assessment Guidelines

The ERA Process: Manage Risk   

During the Risk Management stage, the risk manager uses the results obtained from the ecological risk assessment to make decisions. The risk manager implements the appropriate option. Depending on the options it may involve instituting an action or no action at all.

The objective of assessing risk is to support risk management.

Sound, credible and effective risk management depends largely on informed stakeholders and society.

Discuss the Results with the Risk Manager

The risk assessor, having completed the formal ecological risk assessment process, discusses the results with the risk manager.

The risk manager ensures that environmental management decisions are soundly informed by the risk assessment results. Another more detailed ecological risk assessment may be requested and a new analysis plan formulated, if it is needed for management decision making.

Several iterations of the ERA process may be necessary.      ...more

Make Environmental Management Decisions

Once satisfied that the results are of sufficient certainty and detail, the risk manager can then make decisions and implement them.

The risk manager uses the results along with other relevant social, legal, political or economic information to make decisions on how to proceed. This may include invoking mitigation measures, monitoring progress and communicating results to the public.      ...more